About us


KGS Research has helped organizations learn valuable insights and find reliable answers
to key questions to make the right decisions.

In a short span of time, KGS Research has grown to 40 full time employees comprised of;
project managers, analysts, moderators, field supervisors, administrative staff, operations
staff and currently has over 300 interviewers.

KGS Research is a member of the AAPOR association having conducted tens of thousands
of research studies both qualitative and quantitative across various markets all over the

By employing methodologically sound procedures, KGS Research produces reliable and
valid results using a variety of research technologies. We conduct surveys by; telephone,
online, in depth interviews, online bulletin boards and focus groups.

KGS Research can blend quantitative and qualitative analyses, as well as engaging in
statistical analyses of any complexity. Our experience and background enables us not only
to report numbers but also to understand what they mean in context. KGS Research has
done work for numerous organizations worldwide by; designing, implementing, and
reporting many different types of research studies.

KGS Research will never overpromise or under deliver. When we take on a project it
means we assess the requirements and are willing to invest in insuring a successful and
satisfactory outcome. Updates are provided on a regular basis to ensure all parties are up
to date in meeting all sample size targets.

The KGS Guarantee


Setting Realistic Expectations


Project Management Services 7 Days a Week

Fast Turnaround

Fastest turnaround time for project setup, fielding and delivery


Thinking Outside the Box Mentality

“Research Is To See What Everybody Else Has Seen And To Think What Nobody Else Has Thought”


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